An environmental planning survey is a process of improving the environmental protection plan. This survey helps to find what are the factors affecting the environment and also helps in identifying the steps taken or needs to be taken to protect the environment. This survey benefits environmentalists to make decisions in order to protect the environment.

Environmental Planning Survey Sample

1. Are you aware about the environmental planning program taking place in your locality or city or organization?

a) yes

b) no

c) somewhat

2. Give a brief description of the project or activities related to environmental planning being undertaken in your locality or city or organization?


3. What among these factors do you think is affecting the environment the most?

a) Toxic waste in dump sites

b) Soil contaminated with fuel oil

c) Dust and air pollution

4. How would rate the environment protection measure already taken?

a) Satisfactory

b) Dissatisfactory

5. What measurements would you like to suggest for environmental planning?


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