Survey questions are the key for conducting a survey in an effective manner to gather accurate data which can be used for wide variety of purposes. The survey questions are prepared by using different formats. Properly framed survey questions lead to successful surveys which in turn organisations to frame their policies effectively.

The following are the examples of survey questions:

Open- ended survey questions example:

These survey questions are called one directional survey questions which can be answered normally in two or three lines. See the example as given:

Q1. Did you ever participate in any survey?

Close ended survey question example:

In this form of questions, a participant has to choose an appropriate option out of multiple options. See the followings options to understand this type of questions:

(a)                        Multiple Choice:

Q. How do you rate our quality?

(a)            Very good

(b)            Good

(c) Average

(b)                        Categorical

Q.  What is your gender?

(a)            Male

(b)            Female

(c)  Numerical

Q. what is your age?

(a) Less than 18

(b) 18-35

(c) More than 35

(d)  Ordinal

Q. Which of the given quality is important for team leader rank?

  • Sincerity
  • Punctuality
  • Hard working

(e) likert- scale

Q. Rate your experience with our brand?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • poor

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