Surveys are one of the most important tools for business organisations or other kind of organisations. These surveys help to evaluate the weak points and are useful for improving upon them. There are many different kinds of surveys like written surveys, oral surveys, electronics surveys etc. Each survey is different from the other and there is a particular format which needs to be followed while framing them.

The following points will be helpful in explaining the points which must be kept in mind while drafting surveys:

  • While drafting written surveys, it is optional to ask for the respondents name and other information, for example, a survey like a customer satisfaction survey can also go without any personal information while others like employee satisfaction can be equipped with it.
  • The questions in a written survey must be objective type, which means that there must be atleast 2 choices for each question out of which respondents must pick the appropriate one.
  • The choices given must cover all the possible answers and should be well thought of.
  • The questions asked in the survey should be directly related to the topic and should be easy to understand and quick to answer.
  • Any written survey must not be too lengthy because then people lose interest and leave questions unanswered.
  • An oral survey has no particular format but one has to keep in mind that the questions should be framed prior to the survey so that no confusion takes place.
  • Any electronic survey must also follow the format of a written survey but one thing to be kept in mind is that here sometimes it is better to reserve one page for each question and it should be compulsory for a person to answer one and then proceed to the next question.

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