A family travel survey is a survey which is conducted to evaluate the most popular family travel destinations and family travel interest all around the world. These surveys can be conducted by independent organisations or by travel companies to fathom the demands of family travel. Family travel surveys help them to present more exciting offers to families who are planning to travel to a destination in demand. Any such survey is in the form of a questionnaire which has to be answered by a group of people.

Family Travel Survey Sample:

1. How often do you travel with family in a year?

a) Once an year

b) Twice an year

c) 2-5 times in an year

d) More than 5 times in an year

2. What kind of destination do you and your family like to visit most?

a) Holy destinations

b) Hill stations

c) Beach destinations

d) Other

3. What time of the year do you mostly travel with family?

a) Summer

b) Winter

c) Spring

d) Autumn

4. Name a place in which you would like to visit?

1. Australia

2. Hong Kong

3. South Africa

4. America

5. Other(Please specify)

5. How much amount do you keep aside to spend on travelling with family?

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