A fashion designer survey is a written document which is in the form of a questionnaire which can either have subjective or objective type questions. Any fashion designer survey is meant to take people’s opinion on a particular fashion designer and evaluate the different responses to come to a general conclusion about the same.

Sample fashion designer survey:

Name of respondent: ____________________

Age: ______________________

Gender: _________________

Address: _______________

Contact number: _____________________

Email address: _____________________

Which is your favourite fashion designer?

Please answer the following questions about your favourite fashion designer? We’ll refer to your favourite fashion designer as ‘X’ throughout the survey.

Q1 Which of the following is the speciality of X?

a)   Indian wear

b)   Western wear

c)   Formals

d)   Semi formals

e)   Casuals

f)    Wedding wear

g)   Other

Q2. Which according to you is the forte of X which is your personal favourite too?


Q3. What are your views about the fashion shows of X?

a)   They are top grade

b)   They are pretty good standard

c)   They need improvement

d)   They are not impressive

Q4. Do you think that the prices of the collections designed by the fashion designer are worthy of the designs and materials used?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. What are the best qualities of X and the designs prepared by him/her?


Q6. What are the areas that X could work upon and improve?

a)   Materials used

b)   Designs

c)   Finishing

d)   Uniqueness

e)   Freshness

f)    Fittings

Q7. Name one designer who can give competition to X?


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