A fashion show survey is a specialized survey. It is usually conducted by media houses, fashion institutes, market analysts and likes. The survey is done to know in details about the viewpoints that selected groups of people in regards to the various facets of the fashion shows. The selected groups of people can be fashion models, fashion magazine journalists and the fashion critics. The data collected from the survey is often used for the purpose of doing qualitative analysis.

Sample Fashion Show Survey:

1. What type of venue do you prefer to watch a fashion show?

a. A five star hotel

b. A family club

c. Any other place (please mention __________ )

2. Do you like to witness international models doing ramp walks in the fashion show?

a. Definitely

b. Sometimes

c. No

3. What type of background music do you prefer in the fashion shows?

a. Jazz

b. Western Classical

c. Electronica

d. Any other (please mention __________ )

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