A fashion survey template is a readymade document that has the primary objective of gathering information about the opinions of the people related to fashion. This survey template is a helpful tool that is used to get into the psyche of the people taking the questions in regards to the contemporary dressing styles and designer wears. Fashion houses, garment shops, independent analysts – all can make use of this fashion survey template.

Sample Fashion Survey Template:

Name: ___________________ (name of the person taking the survey)

Age: ________

Gender (male/female): ____________

1. Please name the garment brands that you prefer to buy.


2. Name the types of materials you love your garments to be made of.


(For example – cotton clothes, linen garments etc)

3. Do you endorse experimentation in fashion designing?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Somewhat

4. Do you love traditional designs or contemporary designs?

a. Both traditional and contemporary

b. Only traditional

c. Only contemporary

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