A sample fashion survey has got its own significance. The ways of dressing one’s own self is getting altered at a fast pace. Various new styles and taboos are getting submerged in the market. People from different age groups are sporting fresher looks via uniquely designed garments. A sample survey of these people can sketch an idea about their tests. In general, the fashion houses would be benefitted to conduct such surveys periodically to tailor their products and services.

Sample Fashion Survey:

1. Do you follow the current fashion trend what you see around?

a. Yes

b. No

2. What type of cloth makes you feel comfortable?

a. Cotton

b. Linen

c. Silk

d. Any other (please mention __________)

3. Do you stick your choices to specific brands?

a. Always

b. Most of the times

c. Sometimes

d. Rarely

e. Never

4. Are you supportive of experimentation in designing the garments?

a. Definitely

b. Not often

c. Simply no

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