A Fashion survey is the easiest as well as the most convenient way to get to know about the latest fashion trends which are a hit in the market. Such surveys are usually done in the form of close ended questionnaires where objective or subjective type questions are asked in order to get a feedback from people.

Fashion surveys are done by fashion companies so as to know the choice of their customers. This helps them to create a collection keeping in mind the likes or dislikes of the common public. These surveys can also be done by non written methods such as interviews or polls.

The formulation of questions in a fashion survey should be done in a way which is easy to understand and answer. If the questions are confusing or long, then the respondent shall lose interest in the survey and leave it mid way. A fashion survey should be formulated according to a format or pattern and grammatical mistakes should be avoided.

The best way to go about making any survey is that it should go in a flow. The basic personal information such as name etc should be asked in the beginning followed by the other main questions. No two questions must be reframed or repeated.

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