Feedback surveys are the integral tool of an organization or business for accumulating feedbacks from the involved people regarding any of their matter, services or programs. This kind of surveys help to explore the critical insight of an organization and improves its performance according to the demand and need of the concern people. Such feedback surveys must be designed effectively as poorly drafted surveys can gather skewed responses from the intended audience. Therefore one must ensure to follow the certain factors while documenting such a survey.

  • Medium of Conversation: The language used as a medium of communication must be lucid and easily understandable without being much loquacious as it might discourage the respondent to respond efficaciously.
  • Critical Inputs: Such questions should be framed through which a proper assessment of intended people’s satisfaction regarding a particular program, at which they were engaged, could be gauged. Moreover, these critical inputs help the organization to understand the areas where further improvement is required and can be used to spur research and innovation efforts as well.
  • Approach: The presentation approach of the document must be official, yet gracious. All the questions must be listed in a chronological format so that respondent finds it convenient to respond.

Sample Feedback Survey

360 Degree Feedback Survey

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Feedback Survey Template

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Feedback Survey Form

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