A financial education survey is in a form of an interactive survey that is used in order to get a feedback from clients about their awareness of the financial schemes used by them. It helps the authorities concerned to look into and change policies according to customer behavior and convenience.

Sample Financial Education Survey:

  1. Does your family keep records of income and expenditures?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. Are you left with any extra money before the month end? If yes then how do you use it?
    1. On consumer goods
    2. Keep it in cash
    3. Invest it in business
    4. Invest in jewellery
    5. Other
  3. How often do you run out of money before you receive your next salary?
    1. Often
    2. Always
    3. Sometimes
    4. Never
  4. How did you manage to make necessary changes when your income suddenly drops
    1. Cut down on the expenses
    2. Spend our savings
    3. Use a credit card
    4. Take bank credit
    5. Borrow money

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