A financial plan survey is a survey done to check whether an individual has done any kind of financial planning for himself or his family. The survey helps to understand whether he will require any assistance in doing such planning and in which area he would require such assistance. The survey should have details about the individual’s monthly savings and the amount he spends every month.

Sample Financial Plan Survey

1. What is the total amount of money that you earn every month?


2. What is the percentage of amount that you save from your salary?


3. Have you ever made any investments with your savings?

a) Yes

b) No

4. If the answer is yes, what kind of investments have you made?

a) Shares

b) Real estate

c) Bonds

d) If others, please specify ____________

5. How do you plan your savings every month?

6. Would you like to take any saving plans for future?

a) Yes surely

b) No, not now

c) May be, I am not sure

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