The financial planner salary survey is a survey which is done to find out the present salary structure of a financial planner. These surveys also help an individual to know that whether he is getting the salary as per his qualifications and as per the market standards or not.

Financial Planner Salary Survey Sample

  1. 1. How many employees are attached to your company as CEO/ President/ Owners /Partners at present?

a)   1-5

b)   6-30

c)   31-75

d)   76-150

  1. 2. How many clients does your company serve?

a)   50 or fewer clients

b)   51-125

c)   126-300

d)   301 or more clients

  1. 3. What is the firm’s AUM?

a)   Less than $50 million

b)   $50- 99.9 million

c)   $100- 249.9 million

d)   $250- 999.9 million

e)   $1 billion or more

  1. 4. What is the annual revenue of the firm?

a)   Less than $200 K

b)   $200 K- $499 K

c)   $500 K- $999  K

d)   $1- $2.99 million

  1. 5. Do the CEOs of your firm wish to change the financial budget in the coming year?

a)   Yes, the budget would be increased

b)   Yes, the budget would be decreased

c)   No such change is going to take place

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