Friendship surveys are an essential tool for measuring the status of the friendship between two or more individuals. Such a survey helps to gauge the level of intimacy and closeness between friends. This is a unique way through which one can improve friendship with others and can realize the hindrances that is affecting this relationship. However, to maintain the efficacy of this unified survey document one must ensure to follow some of the factors. They are enlisted as follows:

  • One must frame questions depending upon the period of friendship as one cannot expect all the expectations to be fulfilled from a short-term friendship.
  • The questions must be carefully designed so that it becomes effective in analyzing the status of a friendship relationship. Even it must be tailored in such a way so that it throw lights on the areas where one had got hidden complains, grudges, expectations etc. from the other.
  • The questions must have a proper blend of both emotions and fact. If it is framed keeping in mind both the aspect then it could effectively carry out a successful survey.

Despite of regulating these factors while documenting friendship surveys, one must always remember to frame it with complete clarity.

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