Game developer salary survey is one of the best way through which a game developer could gauge the present day pay scale of this job in the market. There are various gaming companies coming up in the market. Hence, the game developer’s job is of high demands for creating innovative games.

Game Developer Salary Survey Sample

1. How often there is a salary increment in your job as a game developer?

a. Less than a year

b. Within 2years

c. After 2years

2. Does your salary depend upon the sale of game developed by you in the market?

a. Yes, it depends

b. No, it does not depends

3. What is your present pay scale per annum?

a. 1.5- 3lakh

b. Above 3 lakh

c. Below 5lakh

4. Do you get any extra incentives apart from salary?

a. Yes, good extras

b. Not much

c. Not at all

5. Do you get bonuses for your performance or extra hour work?

a. Yes

b. Sometimes

c. Never

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