It is a known fact that when an organization grows, its market share grows as well. Since it faces a stiff competition from its competitors, the entire decision making process has to be based on current market conditions. Companies, who build their own Market Intelligence (MI) culture, avoid inviting trouble for its survival. This in turn helps the organization in making decisions in its endeavor for market expansion and making its presence felt among the competitors.

A Sample Global Market Intelligence Survey

1.What is your designation?

a.MI Manager

b.MI Personnel

c. MI User

d.MI Consultant/Information Broker/Research Specialist

e.Manager/Decision Maker

f.  If others please specify ……………..

2.Your Organization Belongs To Which Industry?


b.Finance/Real Estate/Insurance

c. Services (Business or Professional)

d.Retail/Wholesale Trade

e.Transportation/Public Utilities

f.  Agriculture/Mining/Fishing

g.Construction/Building Trades


i.  Government / Education / NGO

j.  IT (Software / Hardware / Consulting)

k. If others please specify ……………

3.What are the Sales / Revenue of your organization?

a.Less than $10 million

b.More than $10 million

4.Is You Company ISO9000 Certified?



c. In the Process of getting it

5.What is your market share?


b.Very Low

c. High

d.Very High


6.Is Your Market Share Increasing?



c. Constant

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