Health survey is one of the essential tools for screening the status of well being of a candidate both mentally and physically. This is a crucial tool used for identifying various health related problems of a person and helps in promoting overall healthy lifestyle. Moreover, such a survey helps the concern institute to gauge the affect of recent diseases or epidemics and help them to control its level of attack. For obtaining an optimum health or lifestyle of the participant, the concern authority must ensure to conduct an effective survey which would help to realize the actual health complications. Such a survey could only be conducted if certain factors could be noted while documenting it. They are as follows:

  • The questions must be so documented that it is result-driven and can effectively monitor the current health status of the participant.
  • The questions regarding surgical implications and medications should also be asked so that it could help the authority to gauge whether the certain things that the respondent is undergoing are effective and have any harmful effect or not.

Health surveys are widely used tool but limitation do exist as the concern authority cannot prescribe new diagnoses or medication to the participant without much authentication.

Mental Health Survey

Health and Safety Survey

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