A honeymoon planning survey helps the newly married couples to have a well planned honeymoon. Since honeymoon is the special occasion in life of all the people thus these types of surveys helps to make the occasion perfect and memorable by looking after all the factors like budget, place and others.

Honeymoon Planning Survey Sample

1. What kind of environment would you like for your honeymoon?

a) Seaside

b) Mountain

c) Hill station.

2. Which country are you planning to visit for your honeymoon?

a) Thailand

b) Australia

c) Singapore

d) Malaysia

e) Other (please specify) ________________

3. What is the budget that you have for your honeymoon?

a) $1000 or more

b) Less than $1000

c) Less than $500

4. What is the duration of your honeymoon trip?

a) One month or more

b) Less than one month

c) Less than one week

5. Which types of hotels do wish to stay in?

a. 5 Star

b. 4 Star

c. Anything within our budget

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