The household budget survey gives a true picture of the budget of a household which includes total expenses made on various things. This type of survey helps a household to know the productive as well as non productive expenses and thus make the necessary changes in the expenses.

Household Budget Survey Sample:

1. What is your monthly budget for household expenses?

a) Less than $1000

b) Between $1000 and $5000

2. Do you usually exceed your monthly budget?

a) Yes always

b) At times

c) No we never

3. How many members do you have in your family?

a) Less than 5

b) More than 5

4. Where do you spend the major amount of your monthly budget?

a) Grocery

b) Travelling

c) Medical Expenses

d) Clothes

e) Mention if any_________

5. According to your which of the following expenses in most unproductive and can be avoided?

a) Clothes

b) Dinning Out

c) Travelling

d) If any other please mention

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