A household employment survey is used to get a clear picture of the employment in a household. It also helps in assessing the average savings and wealth accumulation of a household. This type of survey proves to be very helpful in accessing the total employment.

Household Employment Survey Sample:

1. Is anyone in your family member employed?

a) Yes

b) No

2. How many employed members are there in your family?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) More than three

3. Do all of them work full time?

a) Yes

b) No

4. What is the average monthly income of your family?

a) Five thousand dollars or less

b) Ten Thousand or less

c) More than ten thousand dollars

5. What is the mode of income in your family?

a) Salaried

b) Government payments

c) Contract based

6. What is the average age of the employed members of your family?

a) More than eighteen

b) More than twenty one

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