Household expenditure survey is the best way to analyze your household expenditure and cost. This kind of survey makes the cost handling for the family easier and gives the complete detail of your expenditures.

Household Expenditure Survey Sample

1. What is your total family income per annum?

a. Less than 3lakh

b. 3-5lakh

c. More than 5 lakh

2. What is the total cost of your kid’s education in a year?

a. Less than 1lakh

b. More than 1 lakh

c. There are no kids in the family

3. How much do you spend yearly on your loan returns, insurances, medical policies and etc?

a. Within 1.5 lakh

b. More than 1.5 lakh

4. What is the approximate cost on food and clothes for your whole family yearly?

a. Not more than 1 lakh

b. More than 1 lakh

5. What is the total cost of medical for your family per year?

a. 50,000- 1 lakh

b. Above 1 lakh

c. Less than 50,000

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