A household survey contains data collected from households which are randomly selected and maybe sometimes confined to particular regions. The surveys collect information like demographic characteristics which include the age, marital status, relationships in a household, sometimes the mother tongue.

Household Survey Example Sample:

1. How many family members stay at this residence?

a) Less than 5

b) More than 5

2. What is the average monthly income of your household?

a) Less than $1000

b) Between $1000 and $5000

c) More than ten thousand dollars

3. What is the average age of the members of your household?

a) Less than 25

b) Between 25 and 35

c) Between 35 and 50

d) More than 50

4. How many members of your family are employed and please mention that monthly income?


5. Give a list of the names of the members of the family residing here and also do mention their marital status.




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