Household survey is conducted for consolidating ideas regarding expenditure, budget and other factors related to it and comparing it. These kinds of surveys are being conducted periodically so as to obtain an optimum result for fulfilling the particular objective. Therefore, while drafting such a survey document one must be careful to follow certain factors which are useful.

  • The purpose of the household survey must be detailed in order to achieve utmost responses from the intended participants. Participants can only find interest and can answer with full understanding if the survey document is being prepared lucidly, yet succinctly, without being much prolix.
  • The questionnaire must be designed as per to the intention that is needed to be measured by the concern authority.
  • Organize and list each questions in a sequence according to its priority or importance so that the respondent finds it convenient to answer.
  • One must remember that household survey serve as a document for accumulating socio-economic data, therefore such crucial inputs must be incorporated on the questions so that it becomes an effective piece of survey paperwork.

Along with the following factors one must remember to maintain a courteous approach all through so that it results in a quality household survey.

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