A survey is a kind of a questionnaire that is framed by either an individual or an organisation in order to gather responses from different people to come to a general conclusion or find results. A survey is an important kind of a method which brings into perspective the thoughts of people and based on that results are declared or findings are studied.

There are many different kinds of surveys and many of them are concluded on a large scale by large organisations. In order to evaluate the responses of people, a certain process is followed by the survey conducting organisations. The evaluation process is quite important as it helps to bring into focus the point of view of the majority. The following are a few points which will help you to know how to evaluate a survey.

  • The first and most important step in the evaluation of a survey is to collect all the data or written questionnaires at one place from where the next steps of evaluation can be conducted.
  • The data must then be divided based on age, type, class, or any other division method of the respondents. For example, in case of a fashion survey, the questionnaires answered by men can be separated from those answered by women.
  • In the case of objective type questions, the evaluator can mark the frequency of a particular answer and repeat the process for all the questionnaires in that category. This will help to know what the majority thinks, based on the answer which is selected by most people.
  • In case of subjective type questions, one can make a small note of the thinking of the respondent and then compare different results to come to a common conclusion.
  •  The overall result must then be declared first category wise and then as a whole.

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