Any survey which is focussed upon getting career related views or opinions from a group of people or respondents in known as a career survey. A career survey is generally in the form of a written questionnaire or a verbal interview format. The questions asked are related to popular career choices or knowing about mindsets of different people when it comes to selecting a career.

Career surveys are generally framed by educational institutes or companies. There are several points which must be kept in mind before starting a career survey. The following are a few of those important points:

  • One must gather all required data or questions which are to be used in the survey after conducting a research on the topic of the career survey.
  • The survey should start by taking the details of the respondent such as his/her name, address, field of career, phone number, age etc…
  • It must be kept in mind that a career survey can consist both of objective and subjective questions and hence the questions must be framed according to the nature of the answer expected.
  • Before starting a career survey, the survey conducting organisation must take permission or authorisation from the respondent about the disclosure of the information being provided by him/her.

It might not always be easy to start a career survey without knowing or having an objective or aim to conduct the survey. One must be clear about the objective and then proceed on with the framing of the questions.

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