A compatibility survey is a type of a survey which is conducted amongst a pair of people so as to know about their level of compatibility. These surveys can be either conducted amongst friends, lovers, married couples or even siblings. Compatibility surveys consist of several questions by answering which, a pair of people can know whether or not they are compatible or to what extent does their compatibility lie. There are various different types of these surveys and some of them include the following:

  • Love compatibility survey
  • Marriage compatibility survey
  • Friendship compatibility survey and many others…

There are certain things that must be considered before or while starting the framework of a compatibility survey. The following points must be taken into consideration:

  • To start a compatibility survey, the survey conducting organisation/group/individual must be sure of the target group of people for whom the survey is being framed.
  • The compatibility survey sheet must be distributed to both the people who are taking part in the survey as a pair.
  • A compatibility survey must be started by taking the details of the individual who is answering the questions asked in the survey along with the information about his/her relation with the other respondent.
  • Before starting a survey of compatibility, one must make sure that the questions asked are well framed and have correct content.

Compatibility surveys can be written or verbal in nature. In the case of verbally asked questions, one must make sure that before starting the survey, request has been taken from both the people involved and permission about the disclosure of information has been officially granted by the respondents.

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