A customer service survey is that category of a survey which is aimed at knowing the opinions and views of the customers about the services being provided by a service provider. These surveys test the satisfaction level of the customers who are using the services. Any customer service survey is generally in the form of a written questionnaire and consists of multiple questions which can have both objective and subjective type questions.

A customer service survey must be started on a proper and clear note. There are several points of importance which have to be kept in mind before starting a survey related to customer service. The following is a list of the same points:

  • Before starting the drafting procedure of a customer service survey, the survey conducting organisation must have a list of the questions which are to be asked in the survey. These questions must be researched properly and must be effective enough to get honest opinions of the customers on topics such as service quality, service satisfaction etc.
  • The first part of the survey questionnaire must be used to take the details of the respondent such as his/her name, address, phone number, age, type of service used etc…
  • A customer service survey must start with line or two which are used to state the reason behind conducting the survey. This part must be given so as to reassure the customers that the information provided by them would be used only by the service provider for internal use.

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