A fashion survey is that kind of a survey which is conducted amongst a group of people or target audience to know their opinions about a particular fashion trend or popular fashion related choices. These surveys are conducted by fashion magazines, brands, fashion houses etc to know the popular choice and hence improve or change their services or products accordingly. A fashion survey takes into account the various opinions and hence comes to a common conclusion.

Before starting a fashion survey, there are certain points which have to be kept in mind and must be considered. The following are a few of those points:

  • Before starting the framework of a fashion survey, one must be sure as to which category of a fashion survey it is. For example, there must be separate and different questions for categories such as female fashion survey, male fashion survey, kids fashion survey, teen fashion survey and so on.
  • Before the questions, there must be a part of the survey which must be aimed at getting the information of the respondent such as his/her name, address, contact number, gender etc…
  • The questions of a fashion survey must be well researched and well framed. There must not be any technical or manual error in the questions or their respective options of solutions.
  • At the start of the survey questionnaire, a brief objective or aim of the survey must be mentioned for the respondents to be clear about the intention with which they survey is being conducted.

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