Feedback surveys are usually created to acquire knowledge about what the customers think about a particular product/service. Feedback surveys help the organization to make necessary improvisations and the aids in forming new policies.

In order to start a Feedback Survey a few pointers need to be kept in mind

  • Decide on the target respondents: Before you start preparing your feedback survey you must clearly know who the target customers are; this enables to formulate a precise survey.
  • Decide on the format of the questionnaire: You must keep in mind what you aim to achieve from the survey and accordingly prepare the questions.
  • Decide the mode of survey: You can distribute either manually or online, according to the target customers.

Usually once a product is sold or a service is provided, most companies do not bother to enquire whether the customer is satisfied with the product/service or not. In such a case you must start a survey that will enable you to know exactly what the customers feel.

You can start a feedback survey either online or personally by giving out the questionnaire. Many organizations provide online feedback surveys for the customers to fill. Alternatively you may also send out surveys to the customer’s email address. In case of product and commodities once the purchase is made, you may hand out a feedback survey which the customer can fill and give. You can also handout feedback surveys by visiting homes and getting them filled by respondents.

A well structured feedback survey can help the company to take necessary steps to enhance performance of the company.

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