Friends are an important and vital part of every individual’s life. They are the one who guide, help and illuminate lives whenever in need. Friendship is cherished for years to come and is very important to us. A friendship survey helps to evaluate the friendship and the various aspects of the relationship. A review will enable you to retain your friendship on the right track.

There are various friendship surveys conducted. Before you set out to design a questionnaire, consider a few points such as,

  • Questions to be asked: Decide upon which questions you wish to include in the


  • A good friendship survey must be fun and enjoyable.
  • Focus of the survey should be on the principle and end result of the friendship survey
  • Asking questions that relate to your personality is a good idea as it will help you to understand each other better.
  • Don’t ask leading questions as it could become difficult to answer.
  • Ask questions that reflect the best things about you and your friend
  • Sequencing is an important aspect, write questions in an order that makes sense.

Friendship surveys are usually conducted online over various social interacting sites. You too can post a well structured friendship surveys online on friendship forums and dating sites.

If you want you can also conduct friendship surveys physically by handling out questionnaires. This is a good way to know the exact reactions of the respondents of the survey and what they think about friendship.

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