Surveys can become boring and monotonous, but a fun survey can be enjoyable and let the respondent enjoy while taking the survey.  Fun surveys are usually created for fun and do not possess any meaning to it. These surveys are not aimed at gathering data but instead are created solely for the purpose of humor and wit. Most fun surveys are usually created on social, dating or gaming sites.

Some points that must be considered to start a fun survey:

  • Ponder on the questions that you plan to include in the survey
  • Stick to a theme
  • Add as much humor and wit as you can
  • Don’t be bias towards any gender or target specific groups which could hurt sentiments.
  • Keep the questionnaire short
  • Make an attractive design for the questionnaire so that it attracts more audience.

Fun surveys are usually targeted towards the younger generation, hence design a questionnaire keeping this is mind. You can choose to post the survey on popular social networking sites where you will be able to achieve many respondents. Alternatively you can also choose to start a fun survey on websites which are dedicated solely to quizzes and surveys. There are many sites offering this service. You can also conduct a fun survey on a micro blogging site which has a wider social influence. Where ever you choose to post your fun survey, make sure that it is well-designed and has a lot of humor and fun that is enjoyable.

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