Health surveys are carried out by various organizations and companies such as hospitals and clinics, medicine providers, medicine manufacturers and by the government for census purposes. A health survey is usually targeted at a specific audience to obtain certain information and data and to understand health related issues and their occurrences. A health survey may be targeted at children of specific age group, adults with certain conditions or elderly people suffering from various problems. Whatever maybe the target audience, a health survey must follow certain points such as;

  • Segregate the intended respondents
  • Ask questions in a manner that is polite and civil
  • Questionnaire should ask for age and the living condition of the respondent as it affects the condition suffered.
  • The questionnaire should also discuss at length the problems suffered by the respondent.
  • Don’t make the questionnaire too long as it will discourage the respondent from replying and may discard it halfway.

Once the questionnaire is formulated, you must distribute it to the specific target group. You can choose to distribute it either manually or online over the web. To start a health survey you can first segregate the targeted group and then hand out the questionnaire personally, this will ensure quick responses and full participation. You can also choose to post it online either on the company website or on the various health forums that are present. One may also email the questionnaire to the intended group from whom you wish to acquire the information regarding the health survey.

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