HR surveys are carried out by organizations/companies to gather data in order to make necessary changes in policy, take right decisions, generate better work atmosphere and to report to the senior management. HR (Human Resource) is an important part of an organization as their inputs help to form better working policies. HR surveys are usually carried out yearly and in some cases every six months. A HR survey is directly targeted to the employees and their opinions regarding various aspects of an organization/company.

HR surveys are also targeted towards customers in order to know their opinion about the service/product, customer service, and price of the product/service.

Before conducting an HR survey a few factors should be considered;

  • Layout of the survey should be easy to understand
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Ask direct questions, do not make them lengthy and difficult to understand
  • Be prepared for negative feedback

HR surveys are an effective communication tool that enables employees and customers alike to speak out their opinion freely. By conducting a survey the company sends out a positive message to the employees and customers alike. It shows the company’s concern towards its working staff and how their opinions matter.

In order to start a Human Resource survey, the company can either handout questionnaire to the employees manually or they can also send it over the web through email. Both these methods are effective, but a manually handed survey will ensure full participation and co-operation of the employees, members and customers.

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