Job surveys are conducted to evaluate which job sectors are more prominent among those looking for jobs. Certain fields are more preferred than others and job surveys aim to find the same.  These surveys are usually formulated by recruiting agencies to gather knowledge regarding the more preferred working sector. The job markets are saturated and such data helps to find job openings and lets agencies concentrate on more preferred job areas.

The questionnaires prepared for these surveys are usually extensive and require information such as;

  • Qualification
  • Previous experience
  • Preferred job sector
  • Expertise
  • Skills
  • Expected salary

Such job surveys can be conducted in a number of ways like;

  • Online: When a candidate approaches the job recruiting agency, the candidate can be asked to be a part of a survey online.
  • Via Email: Agencies can send survey questionnaires via email to candidates as well as previous clients.
  • Manual questionnaires:  when approached for job, agencies can hand out questionnaires to be duly filled and returned.

Knowledge about those sectors that are more prominently sought after helps to understand the job market better. The data collected is also helpful to companies as according to the current trends, positions can be opened for candidates.

Job surveys should be well structured and must address all the relevant questions that can be helpful. It is best to ask open ended questions that can help to determine the consensus. Do not make the questionnaire difficult to understand, ask simple and direct questions.

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