Effective leaders are not only measured by their achievements but also by how much they are liked by their followers/employees. A good leader is not just feared but also respected by everyone around him. A leadership survey offers the chance to the employees as well as customers to speak out their opinion of the leader. Such a survey lets employees talk about what they find effective and what comes in their way of the finest performance. Assessing the abilities and flaws of the leader helps the leader grow better and make the necessary changes where ever required. A leadership survey should ideally be carried out yearly. Many companies undertake leadership surveys every two years or six monthly too.

Well structured Leadership surveys should contain closed end questions with options as ‘agree, disagree, strongly agree, strongly disagree and neither’. This makes it easy to gather information and lets the company present a graphical representation of the survey.

To start a leadership survey, the company/organization can send email or post the questionnaire on the company website which needs to be filled by the employees as well as clients. Alternatively questionnaires can also be handed out manually to employees. This usually ensures better participation from respondents.

Leadership surveys are not only beneficial to leaders at a personal level but instead are crucial for organizations also as it enable to know what the employees attitude is towards the leader and what changes are required to enhance productivity throughout the corporation. Leaders should take the answers constructively and bring about changes accordingly.

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