An education survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by educational organisations to know the level or kind of education being imparted to different individuals throughout a zone or area which comes under a certain educational board. These surveys can be in the form of oral or verbal questionnaires or written questionnaires consisting of multiple questions which are either subjective or objective in nature. An education survey is conducted to help educational organisations to improve their standards or scope.

Before starting an education survey, one must be clear about a certain number of points or issues. These points are important for the smooth conducting of the survey amongst a group of targeted people or individuals. The following points must be considered prior to an education survey:

  • Firstly, it is important to have a clear idea about the exact topic of the education survey. For example, teen education survey, health education survey, primary school education survey etc…
  • Before starting the survey, the person framing the questions must be sure about the content used and in case of any confusion or doubt, proper research must be done so as to produce a technically correct survey questionnaire sheet.
  • One must also keep in mind that the questions must be asked only after asking the details of the respondent. These details may consist of points such as name, address, age, qualification, telephone number etc…
  • For the convenience of the respondents, the survey questionnaire must state the reason behind the conducting of the survey.

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