Any survey which is conducted amongst the employees of a working organisation or company so as to gather information about various issues related to the employees is called an employee survey. These surveys are in the form of written questionnaires but can also be conducted by verbally asking questions and taking opinions of the employees. Any employee survey is an effective tool through which the company can know honest views of its staff and hence improve those areas through which employees can give their maximum input. There are various different types of these surveys and some of them include the following:

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Involvement Survey
  • Employer Employee Survey and many others.

There are several points which the survey conducting organisation must keep in mind before starting an employee survey. The following are a few of those:

  • Firstly, the survey must have well researched questions which can take into view the honest opinions of the employees.
  • The survey must start by gathering details about the employee such as his/her name, phone number, department name, designation in company etc…
  • The survey cannot be started without having a list of well framed questions which can be either subjective or objective in nature. Thus the organisation must be sure of the kind of result they wish to obtain before framing the questions.
  • Any employee survey must be started by taking the permission of the chief head of the company or the department in which the survey is being exclusively conducted.

An employee survey must be started with a brief about the objective of the survey or the aim with which the survey is conducted.

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