An interview survey is conducted in the same form like an actual interview i.e. one assigned person will ask questions individually to respondents. This method is rather long and requires long span of time to be completed. Every individual has different view point, hence during the curse of the survey, different individuals will respond differently, this in turn makes the process rather long, and hence an interview survey is time-intensive method.

  • For an interview survey to begin, target area must be decided
  • A place to conduct the interview survey
  • Assign an individual as an interviewer who has an unbiased outlook towards the project or respondents.
  • Keep the questions short and to the point. Do not ask questions that are difficult to understand.
  • Decide for the interview survey to be conducted in a convenient place where respondents can come easily.

Even though this is a time consuming method, interview survey has many benefits such as

  • It lets the person speak his mind out
  • Helps to build trust in the interviewer which doubles the chances of getting a truthful answer from the respondent
  • If the target audience is illiterate, this method allows for the respondent to answer nevertheless, as the interviewer can record the answer given.
  • This format is useful in cultural background where people require more time to develop trust.

Along with benefits there are some drawbacks of this format too. One major flaw being it does not allow the respondent to be completely anonymous. Also the interviewer may influence the answers given by respondents.

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