The satisfaction of clients is the key for a successful business. The companies should ensure that their clients are satisfied with the services provided by them. The best way to know about this is through the client satisfaction survey which helps in knowing about the client’s needs and preferences and any problem which they might be facing in context to the services provided by the company. The management of the company conducting the survey reviews the results and inculcates the changes as per the requirement to make their clients satisfied.

There are various reasons for conducting the client satisfaction survey and few of them are illustrated below.

  • To show commitment to hear from the customers.
  • To improve profit
  • Predict sales for future
  • Gain opinion from customers about the services
  • Improve the customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improve quality of service.
  • Enlarge the market share.
  • Know where the company stands in comparison with competitors.
  • Obtain information on product developments, priorities, and requirements.

The following points should be kept in mind if the company wants to create an effective client satisfaction survey.

  • The reason behind the creation of the survey should be reflected in the questions. The survey should not go off track.
  • If the company deals with various products or services then they should give an option to the client to select which service they are using.
  • The questionnaire should not contain too many questions as in general people are reluctant to fill long forms.
  • The survey should have some open ended questions so that the clients can express their view in depth and give suggestions for improvement.
  • Vocabulary of the question form should be very simple and easy to understand so that all the clients can easily fill it.
  • There should be a proper introduction regarding the survey in the beginning of the form.
  • Instructions should be given where required on how to complete the question.
  • Client should always be thanked for sparing their time to participate in the survey.

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