Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted by companies or organizations producing goods or services to assess and determine the satisfaction or dissatisfaction level of their customers with the product or service provided by them. These surveys can be used for varied purposes by the companies like to predict the trends for sale and others. It also helps the companies to advertise their other products or services. They also show the outward aspect of the company’s operations. The companies can make changes if the survey results demand so.

There are various types of customer satisfaction surveys and some of them are as following:

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Retail Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction survey serves as a base for various operations of the company so it should be constructed with a lot of caution. The following points are to be considered while writing the survey.

  • The objective of writing the survey should be clear as it determines the formats and questions of the survey which may differ from market research, obtaining feedback, advertisement or any other.
  • The format of the survey should be decided in advance. It can be consistent or can use missed elements of questions like rating scales, open ended questions, gap analysis etc.
  • The questions should be framed with utmost care and should focus on the product, service and or transactions related to them. The questions should be specific and clear. The language of the questions should be such that the customers can understand them.
  • A brief introduction should be given at the beginning to give an explanation to the customers regarding intention behind the survey.
  •  Brief instructions should be given to the customers regarding how to fill the form.
  • Ensure the customers that their answers are valued and thank them for completing the survey.

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