Knowing how to write a love survey can help participants find what is missing in their love, what they expect out of love, how their love stands, what are the current differences between partners and how these can be sorted out. Love is one of the most beautiful experiences in life but it can become complicated between two individuals. That is where a love survey really helps. Love surveys filled up by participants can throw light on relationships, the usual and unusual problems and issues faced by individuals in a relationship, the complications that arise etc. So now, the question is how to write a lover survey that will answer most of the questions and reveal the information required?

Here is a step by step approach to writing a love survey:

  • Heading: The heading of the survey should be clear and should state in 2 lines the objective of the survey.
  • Name and details: The second part of the survey should include name of the participant, age, gender, and their current occupation etc.
  • Basic questions: This part of the survey should consist of simple questions with yes or no options that create a picture of the participant and their current status of love life. Questions can be like: Are you in a love relationship? How long have you been dating? Etc
  • Primary questions: This part should include the questions meant to derive the required feedback. Questions can be like: Are you currently facing any relationship issues? Are you planning marriage? Etc
  • Secondary questions: This part should contain questions related to likes and dislikes of the participant with respect to the relationship or partner. Questions can be like: What are the 5 traits that you dislike in your partner?

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