A management survey is required mostly to find out the various aspects and issues of management within an organization and how it has affected the overall performance. A management survey has to be taken by the employees of the organization. The objectives of a management survey can vary from one organization to another but the format of the survey remains the same. The questions in a management survey should be in the form of yes or no or multiple choice as well as open ended questions. This type of mixed questions will help in deriving relevant information.

Here is a step by step approach to writing a management survey:

  • Heading Objective: The first part of the management survey should emphasize on why the need for the survey and state the objective.
  • Name and personal details: The second part should include the name of the survey participant or employee, organization name, employee designation and department, age, gender, and phone number etc.
  • Category I: This part of survey questions should consist of simple yes or no options. Questions can be like: Do you feel the management of this organization requires a change? Do you feel the management needs to be accessible? Etc
  • Category II: This part should include management survey questions that are meant to be in-sync with the objectives of the survey. Questions can be like: Which of the following management decisions are incorrect? Which of the following steps should be taken by the management? Etc
  • Final Category: This is the final part and should contain questions related to the changes that the employee or participant like to suggest. Questions can be like: What changes do you recommend for better organizational management?

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