One of the fundamental questions is how to write a market survey? A market survey is not merely a question and answer exercise but the feedback from this type of survey will be used by companies to understand the demand, the supply, the volatility, the customer choices, and other aspects related to the market. The objective of all market surveys is the same – to derive maximum information about the product or service market. The questions will be more or less the same but can vary depending on the specifics of information desired by an organization.

Let’s look at how to write a market survey:

  • The Objective: Every survey has an objective and the market survey needs to have one as well. The objective should be clear and precise.
  • Participant details: This includes the personal details of the participant and needs to be filled before moving on to the survey questions. Details include name of the participant, occupation, age, gender, phone number, home address, and email.
  • Section I: This part of market survey questions need to act like an ice breaker or to feel the pulse of the market. Questions can be like: Are you able to find all the products that you need in the market? Are you satisfied with the display of new products? Etc
  • Section II: This part of survey questions needs to go a little deeper. Questions should focus on the market and the current issues and can be like: Which of the following problems are you facing when trying to buy from the market? What is your average spending at the market on a monthly basis?
  • Section III: The final part of the survey, it should focus on the changes that can be made and changes which will offer better market experience to consumers. Questions can be like: Do you recommend any of the following changes in the market?


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