If your question is how to write a market survey then the answer is fairly simple. A medical survey consists of several questions, each focused at deriving particular information or addressing a particular issue. Depending on what the primary objective of the survey really is, the questions should be created. Emphasis should be on making the questions as simple and easy as possible. A medical survey can be focused on different aspects right from gathering information on patients to gathering information on medical institutions, medicines and drugs available, medical equipments required by hospitals, working staff and much more.

Here’s a quick look at how to write a medical survey:

  • The Objective: The objective is an integral part of any medical survey and should be mentioned on the top in simple and clear language.
  • Participant details: This section will include the personal data of the participant who can be medical staff, patients, and others. Details should ideally include name of the participant, occupation, age, gender, phone number, address, email, family doctor, medical insurance etc.
  • Medic I: This part of the medical survey should focus on understanding the participants view or get information regarding their recent medical visits. Questions can be like: When did you last visit a doctor? What was the diagnosis of the last medical test?
  • Medic II: This part of the medical survey should consist of questions that focus on particular areas of medicine, medical science, patient history etc. Questions can be like: Which of the following medical conditions do you have? Which of the following vaccinations have you received in the past?
  • Medic III: This is the final part of the medical survey and should focus on getting pure data from the participants. Model questions can be: Please provide the readings from your last blood pressure check or cholesterol check?

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