Knowing how to write a personality survey can help psychiatrists, online firms, and others to derive information regarding the inherent personality of a participant, a prospective employee, or it can simply be a fun test. A personality survey can be of various types including a cognitive function test, Enneagram Personality Test, Jung, Visual Pattern, Big Five, Intelligence, Catell 16, Freudian inventory, Eysenck personality, MOTIV personality and much more. It can also be a combination of all this. The objective of a personality survey is to find out about the inherent qualities of an individual or the participant like intelligence, aptitude, emotional quotient etc.

Here’s how to write a personality survey in a nutshell:

  • Details of Participant: The first section of the personality survey is the personal details section and should include name of the participant, occupation, age, gender, phone, and email.
  • Primary Section: This section deals with finding out the capability of the participant through various personality questions like macho man, introvert, extrovert, party hopper etc. This section will reveal the intrinsic personality of the participant. Questions can be: If given the opportunity, which of the following superhero would you like to be?
  • Secondary Section: This section deals with several different aspects including personality disorders, temperaments, and extrinsic personality. This section contains single answer or multiple answer multiple choice questions. Here are some samples: Do you work too hard to look attractive? Are you dominant or submissive?
  • Final Section: This is the last section of a personality survey and should emphasize on deriving maximum input from the participants. The questions can be defined based on the Big Five test or any IQ or EQ test pattern. Model questions can be: When you are depressed, what colors come to your mind? Which of the following animals attract your attention?

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