It is fairly easy to know how to write a product survey. What is the objective of a product survey? The primary objective is to derive information from the consumer using the product about what they feel is right or wrong with the product. The main aim is to use the feedback received from the survey to implement any changes required in marketing, sales, branding, and packaging or in the product itself. A product survey can also be used for yet to be launched but widely advertised products. The survey should consist of questions that are relevant to the product and its marketing or branding, the competitors, the market, and the consumer.

This is a step by step approach to write a product survey:

  • Objective: The objective of a product survey may be different for different products or companies. It needs to be specified clearly right at the beginning.
  • Participant Info: Participant information should be on the top of the survey questionnaire. Information should include name of the participant, age, gender, occupation, phone, and email.
  • Section I: This is the first section and should contain questions related to the participant or consumers awareness level regarding the product in question or being launched. Questions can be like: How often do you use this product? Do you feel this product will take the market by storm? Is there a need for this product?
  • Section II: This section deals with different pros and cons of the existing product or the one to be launched. Here are some sample questions: Do you feel this product lasts you longer than any other similar product used? Which of the following aspects of the products do you like?
  • Section III: This is the final section of the product survey and should emphasize on the satisfaction of the participant or consumer. Sample questions are: Are you satisfied with the performance or effectiveness of the product? Would you recommend it to others?

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