Understanding how to write a research survey is easy. How you frame your questions will depend primarily on what type of information you require from the participants. A research survey can deal with any number of aspects right from collecting geographical data to demographical data to collecting information on various products or services available to analysis of the food market etc. The objective of all research surveys is to get as much information as possible so that it can assist with the design and development conducted by research teams in organizations.

Here is a five point approach on how to write a research survey:

  • Objective: The objective is integral to the research survey and hence should be mentioned right at the beginning.
  • Participant Info: Participant information should be basic and include name of the participant, age, gender, occupation, phone, and email.
  • Part I: The first part of the research survey should deal with the aesthetic value of the product or subject in questions. For example: if the subject is a sports car or a sedan then the question could be – do you like the shape of the sedan? Do you feel the design is built for speed?
  • Part II: The second part of the research survey deal with the experience of the participant or their perspective. For example, if the subject is a computer action game then the question could be – Do you feel this game should be a multi-shooter? Do you feel the graphics of the game are very good? Does the game load quickly?
  • Part III: This is the final part of the research survey and should emphasize on the cost factor. Sample questions are: Do you feel this product is value for money? Is the pricing steep?

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