It is important to know how to write a salary survey. First things first, you need to identify why you need the salary survey, what type of information do you need from the employees, who would be the right participants, and how do you propose to implement the feedback received. These questions will help you to identify your objective and once that’s done, the rest should not be more than a walk in the park!

Here are points that will help you to write a salary survey:

  • Employee Info: Employee personal information should be kept simple and should include name of the employee, age, gender, designation, department, years in the organization, and email.
  • General Impression: This is the first category and should include questions that will measure the current level of satisfaction of the employee with respect to their current salary. Questions can be framed as: Are you satisfied with your salary structure? Do you feel the annual bonus is better than what you expected?
  • Parameters: The second part of the salary survey should focus on various parameters that are taken into consideration for determining an employee’s salary. This can include what the employee feels about the parameters as well. Questions can be like: Do you feel your salary is performance driven? Which of the following parameters should not be used for calculating salary?
  • Feedback: This is the final part of the salary survey and should contain questions that will help the employees to identify the various changes required and what their expectations are related to salary. Questions can be like: What percentage hike in salary do you expect from the organization every year? Do you feel the salary structure needs to be modified?

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