The satisfaction survey is a tool to gauge the ideas and opinion of the people concerned. They aim to determine and evaluate the satisfaction and experience of the people filling the questions form and gather this information to make the required changes to fulfill their needs and desires in various spheres of life. The form consist of 10 to 15 questions in which some are open ended whereas most of them are close ended questions.

The satisfaction survey can be conducted by organization in various felids and the questionnaire is designed accordingly. The following are the various kinds of satisfaction surveys conducted.

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Product satisfaction survey
  • Job satisfaction survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Patient satisfaction survey

The satisfaction survey should be constructed very carefully and the following points are to be kept in mind while drafting a satisfaction survey.

  • While writing the survey you should be clear about the objective of conducting the survey and your further steps to initiate changes in your processes if the results require it.
  • The questions asked in the survey should not be biased and misleading. You should not assume anything in advance.
  • Your survey should be capable of gathering demographic information which further helps in segmental analysis.
  • Open ended questions are very important for better understanding of the satisfaction of the concerned. This helps the one conducting survey to know about the problems in a deeper and clearer way. But note that there should not be many explanatory questions as they are resisted by the participants. There should be an appropriate balance within questions.
  • The vocabulary used in the questions should be such that which can be understood by the participants. The questions should be clear and easy to interpret.
  • It is always better to test a survey with a small group of people before officially launching it.

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