A survey is a method through which a research can be conducted by taking opinions of different people. Any survey is an effective way to collect data or opinions of a targeted group of people about an issue, occurrence, topic or any other happening. The collected information or data can be used to evaluate certain results and come to a common conclusion or result. Surveys can be of two major types-questionnaires and interviews. In both cases the content of the survey must be carefully written down keeping in mind the basic aim or purpose of the survey.

The popularity of a survey or its success depends upon the manner in which it is framed or drafted. Therefore while writing a survey; several points must be kept in mind. Please refer to the following points to frame an effective survey:

  • Firstly, the main aim or purpose of the survey must be clear to the survey conducting organisation. Based on the aim, the questions or content must be carefully written down.
  • The questions in a questionnaire survey must be framed in such a way that they are easy to understand and answer. In case of the interview survey, the questions must be simple and uncomplicated so that they can be understood by asking only once.
  • The secret behind an effective survey is the way the questions are put up. More than the content, the sequential order of the questions is really important.
  • The questions asked in a survey must be researched properly and should be technically correct. Infact in case of multiple choice questions, the options given for the answers must also be relevant.
  • One should be clear about the distinction between subjective and objective type questions. This means that the difference between open ended and closed ended questions must be clearly understood by the person framing the survey.

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